Brake Repair Service in Doylestown, PA

The brakes on your vehicle are imperative to your safety and the safety of your family. Even the motion of  braking becomes almost involuntary over time. Of course, the force of your ankle is not enough to bring a two-ton vehicle to a stop. The process involves hydraulic pressure, relative to the pressure applied by your foot, that engages the brake pads which use a push-or-pull to bring the vehicle to a stop in Doylestown, PA.

Brakes in Doylestown, PA

There are two types of brakes, disc brakes are the most common. Most cars, manufactured today have at least one set on the rear wheels. To understand the way they work, picture your bike wheels. A part, called a caliper, is controlled by a cable that connects to your hand brake. When you pull the handbrake the caliper engages, the brake pads are clamped on the wheel and your bike slows to a stop.  On the wheel sits a caliper resembling a pin which is connected by a cable to your hand brakes. The only difference is that the brake pads on a car squeezes a rotor as opposed to directly squeezing the wheel of your car.

Brake types in Doylestown, PA

Rather than a pull, the force involved with drum brakes is a pushing, or “wedging action.” A part, called a piston, pushes the brake shoes apart inside the wheel drum, and as it comes in contacted with the drum, the vehicle slows down. This involves more force, more friction and produces more heat. As such, drum brakes are vented to release heat.

The emergency brake works on the same concepts, whereby a cable operated by pressing your foot on the brake, moves a lever that forces the two shoes against the drum, making it stationary. Martino’s Auto Center is the best choice to service your drum brakes. Our technicians are knowledgeable of every brake type and the labor involved in repairing or replacing them.

People throughout Bucks County come to Martino’s Auto Center for our expertise with any and all brake types in Doylestown, PA